ARCON is a leading information technology company specialized in risk control solutions. It offers a proprietary unified governance framework, which addresses risks across various technology platforms.

In the last decade, ARCON has been at the forefront of innovations in risk control solutions, with its roots strongly entranced in identifying business risk across industries. It is in a unique position to react with innovative solutions and products.




About ARCON | University


The swift expansion of our partners and clients worldwide, plus the ever-expanding spread of our product portfolios have prompted us to create an exclusive knowledge portal- ARCON University to manage the expansion more systematically.

As we are growing fast and across geographies, it became absolutely necessary to train all the stakeholders about our product. ARCON University offers step-by-step training on our flagship product, ARCON Privileged Access Management. It provides access to all the resources necessary to understand the product more closely. While historically on-site and offsite training has been done,  the sheer size and scale required us to make it easy for users to be trained on demand. We started ARCON University and this is an E-Learning platform which offers certifications. Shortly, we will also launch training modules on some of our other robust solutions.

Overview of Our Risk-Control Solutions

User Behaviour Analytics

ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics tool enables to monitor and assess end user behavioural profiles and trigger real time alerts when an end-user deviates from configured baseline activities.

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Privileged Access Management

ARCON | PAM, an elegant Privileged Access Management / Privileged Identity Management solution, helps management, tracking and control of privileged accounts thereby ensuring fulfillment of regulatory compliances.

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Secure Compliance Management

ARCON | SCM can Govern, Assess, Respond, Monitor and Optimize your information risk management, enterprise wide.

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ARCON e-learning platform helps in enhancing IT security capabilities. The course, designed by industry experts helps in building a strategic competitive advantage so that you stand-out in the IT market.

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